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Hello May 2016I can't believe that this much time has gone by since my last post. Crazy.

Things are good here - very good, in fact. The changes we are going through have taken up so much of my attention, blogging has kind of faded in my priorities.

Foremost is my determination to get back into good physical shape again. This is an area to which I have not paid much attention the last few years. At my age and with my hereditary metabolism, that has been a recipe for disaster [one I will not share!], and on March 1st I began really working on fixing the results. I track my activity, and what I eat scrupulously every single day. Now, the lack of new recipes might make a bit more sense, right?

It's not that my recipes were so terribly unhealthy before. I always use fresh, unprocessed ingredients, and I'm always mindful of the nutritional content. Not always so mindful of the calories though, and that has changed. So, going forward, you are likely to see more recipes for meals that are heavy on nutrition, and lighter on calories. Rest assured though, the flavor will still be number one - I still insist on really really tasty food.

We also have a new addition to our family. Since losing Riley last August, we were just kind of...

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