Molasses Apple Cobbler

A perfect last minute Thanksgiving Dessert
Molasses Apple Cobbler on The Creekside CookThings are pretty exciting around here right now. We had barely finished our fall cleanup chores, when deer season started. Then we ordered a half of a pastured pig. And a split quarter of an organic grass fed steer. And on the second day of deer season, Larry got a deer. So - we had to buy another freezer, which meant we had to completely reorganize our spare room, which also doubles as a spare bedroom. This is all part of our determination to stop buying factory farmed, or CAFO sourced meats. I'm sure this is going to come up again soon, because once you figure out what the government has decided is good, wholesome food, you pretty much never want to eat anything again. That is where we are right now, but even though locally sourced food is all around us, it's more time consuming to get connected with it - it gets you busy. On top of all that excitement, we are getting ready to travel for our annual Thanksgiving get-together at my sister and brother in law's. This year, Lauren and Steve will get to join us us for the first time, and in addition to the already fabulous grandchildren that we already have, there is now a new baby for us to all dote upon. I have spent the last coup...

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