Smoky Turkey Chili

Smoky Turkey Chili on The Creekside CookWhen the weather gets blustery and the chill in the air sticks around all day, you know it's time to get some big pots of savory stuff going on the stove. It's soup weather, stew weather - and, most importantly for us anyway - it's chili weather!

We like things spicy around here, and since the flavor of turkey is not quite as distinctive as, say the steak I used in my Chuck Steak Chili, it is the perfect match for a some strong spices and a nice smoky flavor that really compliments the turkey and beans.

And, speaking of beans, one reason I wanted to make this particular chili, is because it uses 4 kinds of beans, and I am switching from canned beans to dried beans. We found a nearby place that sells organic, locally grown dried beans, so I am going to use up all the canned ones and buy dried, which is going free up a ton of space in my pantry. I will writing more about this soon - how easy it is to use dried beans, and how much cheaper it is, even if you buy local organic products.

You can use either canned, or cooked-from-dry beans for this chili though, and while I use four different kinds, you can use whatever you have on hand t...

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