Rutabaga Cheddar Mash

Rutabaga Cheddar Mash on The Creekside CookPoor rutabagas - so misunderstood! So ignored and under-appreciated!

Not around here though. They have always been a big favorite of ours, and this is the perfect time of year to enjoy them.

They are a very easy vegetable to grow, though here they don't seem to become quite as large as the ones we can buy in the store - you want to harvest them at about softball size, so that they don't become fibrous. We are out of the ones we grew last fall, because though they keep quite a long time, we have long since eaten them all up.

Fortunately, it is still prime-time for rutabagas at the supermarket, because by this time of year, they are still delicious - maybe even better than they were in the fall. Stored properly, they seem to become sweeter and richer in flavor as they age. They have lots of vitamin C, and are a significant source of anti-oxidants.

We love them in soups and stews - the flavor seems to go especially well with beef. They are also good simply peeled, cubed and roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper. The girls considered rutabagas on the dinner table to be a particularly egregious form of child abuse, but even they could be persuaded to sample a couple of bites of Rutabaga...

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