Chicken Stroganoff

Chicken Stroganoff on The Creekside CookThis Chicken Stroganoff reminds me of being back in college, living in a big house with a bunch of other people, where we all took turns cooking for each other. Though the results were sometimes on the dubious side, it was always interesting. Dishes that featured wine and sour cream were highly featured on the menu rotation for some reason, a trend that was not at all a bad thing in my opinion. And while Greek yogurt is a trendier ingredient these days, I still prefer sour cream in recipes like this one.

I had always loved my Mom's stroganoff, which was made with beef, but the price of beef is edging up to alarming heights lately, so I came up with this idea which still has a lot of the same flavor, but uses boneless, skinless chicken thighs instead of beef.

Chicken thighs make a surprisingly good beef alternative - they take a bit longer to cook than white meat chicken ddoes, which gives flavors like these time to meld. Plus, thighs stay nice and juicy, unlike chicken breasts which would turn dry and tough if you cooked them this long.

And while thighs take a little longer to cook, they take far less time than the tougher cuts of beef you would use in a typical stroganoff, so this is a ...

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