Concord Grape Preserves {no pectin recipe}

Concord Grape Preserves [no pectin recipe] from The Creekside Cook

Concord Grape Preserves with Deeper Flavor, and Less Sugar

It has been a crazy summer around here - lots of work outdoors, training a new puppy, doing Farmer's Market every week, and still finding time for family visits, and getting all of our produce saved for winter. It's not left much time for blogging I'm afraid, but now that things are getting a little calmer, I am feeling like sharing some recipes again.

The grapes that went into these marvelous Concord Grape Preserves, came from vines that Larry's Mom planted something like 45 years ago. She can't recall ever seeing as many grapes as we have gotten this year. No one knows why they grew so many grapes this year, which has been incredibly dry. The fact is, none of us knows a whole lot about growing grapes - except how to pick them. Once they were picked though, I knew what to do with them! As anyone who hangs around here much can tell, I don't care for using pectin my jams and preserves. You can use less sugar, if you skip the pectin, and I prefer the flavor and texture of preserves that are naturally reduced to the setting point. The longer cooking time allows the sugar to develop a deeper flavor that really lets the f...

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