Macadamia Lime Blondies

Macadamia Lime Blondies on The Creekside CookI am still pretty caught up in fall - in getting everything put up, and in enjoying stuff like winter squash and apples.

But fall also means that citrus starts showing up in the stores more, and for better prices, which got me thinking about making these Macadamia Lime Blondies again - and this time, shooting a few photos and getting the post out here on the blog. I think you will be glad.

Not only do these blondies have lots of bright lime flavor, but there are also crunchy, buttery macadamias and chewy coconut. Oh yeah - and a lovely white chocolate ganache and a few sprinklin's on top. It's like a visit to the tropics here in the middle of October. Which would not be a bad idea at all, but this way is much cheaper, and I can still finish up getting the tomatoes canned.

By October, tomatoes have become the bane of my existence, even though I know I will be very glad to have them in January. Right now, I am tired of dealing with them. With a well developed sense of self-preservation, Larry has been sneaking them into the kitchen when I am in the shower or up getting the mail.

You will also notice that I used unsalted butter in these. Up till now, I have only rarely used unsalted better in recipes,...

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