Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream on The Creekside CookThere are a lot of advantages to having enough land to grow pretty much whatever you want to eat. We have tons of fresh veggies all spring, summer and fall, and now we're even starting to get some fresh fruit.

We have room for a nice little flock of chickens who not only give us fresh eggs every day, but help keep some of the bugs and pests cleared out of the veggies. They have been running loose a few hours every day, till this weekend, when they discovered that there are some tasty little baby tomatoes in the garden, so now they have to be [literally!] cooped up till fall.

And, I have an herb garden full of all the fresh flavors anyone could want. Especially if what you want is mint. Lots and lots of mint.

I knew better than to just plant that little pot of mint a few years ago, but I got in a hurry, and did it anyway. Mint is very invasive, which means it spreads far and fast. The last time I planted it, I wisely cut the bottom off a 5 gallon pail, sank it in the spot where I wanted the mint to be, and planted my one little plant in there. The pail contains the mint and keep the roots from finding places to come up all over the place and make more mint. But I had to move it, and ...

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