Easy Citrus Jam

Easy Citrus Jam on The Creekside CookI'm a little late getting this recipe posted, but it is definitely not too late to make it yourself! There is still plenty of fresh citrus in the stores this spring, and you can change up what you use to suit what you can find.

I wanted to get this posted before I left to spend a week in Arizona with my folks, sister and brothers, but as so often happens, time got away from me and I am not getting to until now. I hope it's right on time for you though!

This time of year, you may find that your supply of homemade jams and jellies from last summer and fall are starting to run out, and you need something to get through to that first batch of strawberry preserves, still at least a month away here in Upstate NY. This fast and easy Citrus Jam is the answer.

It is way easier than making marmalade, because you don't have to zest any of the fruit, and there is no overnight steeping - just section up the fruit, get it all in a pot with some sugar and in an hour or so, you are ready to put some sun-shiny into the jars - not to mention on your toast!

I used a combo of red grapefruit, mandarin oranges, lemons and limes, but you can switch the proportions out however you like. Sectioning the fruit, also called cutting su...

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