Lemon Garlic Salt

Lemon Garlic Salt on The Creekside CookIt has been a busy couple of weeks here at home.

Larry retired at the end of August, and though you might think that would mean we have more time, we actually seem to have less than ever. A lot of things got put off all summer, because we kept saying "We'll have more time in September." Well September is here, and we have to get it all done now.

Then the influx of family began, as it does every two years or so, when we try to get as many people together as possible for a nice long visit. That will continue for another week as so, though the crowd is beginning to thin out a bit.

But garlic is harvested in July, so that means it is all cleaned and dried and hanging at one end of the garage, to be used through the winter months. Next year's crop will be planted in October sometime, and then it will sit all snug under the soil for the winter. I think we ended up with something over 200 bulbs this year, so, as always we have plenty of it to play with.

This lemon garlic salt is easy to prepare, and then it just needs to sit in a dry spot for a week or so before getting jarred up. It keeps nearly indefinitely after that, though the flavor is best in the first 2 months or so. It's a great way to preserve both lem...

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