Banana Streusel Coffee Cake

Banana Streusel Coffee Cake on The Creekside CookI actually made this a few weeks ago, after yet another family visit that left behind the remains of a bunch of bananas. Neither of us is at all fond of eating fresh bananas, particularly ones that are getting past their prime.

On the other hand, such bananas are just reaching the perfect stage for baking, and we are both big fans of baked stuff with bananas. And if your grandkids happen to leave behind some nearly-overripe bananas and you don't feel like baking with them right away, did you know that you can freeze them to use later? It's true - just wrap them in plastic wrap, or put them in a ziplock bag, and plop them right into the freezer. When you want to use them again, you can thaw them and use as you would fresh bananas in any recipe.

I've even seen recipes for smoothies that use frozen bananas, but you will have to test that one yourself, since I don't like them in smoothies either. I only really like them in a sugar-laden carby dessert kind of way. I make up for it by eating lots of kale though, so I figure it all comes out even in the final balance.

The best thing about this Banana Streusel Coffee Cake though is that pebbly, crunch streusel topping - and the ribbon of it that runs through the ...

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