Brown Butter Pecan Cookies

Brown Butter Pecan Cookies on The Creekside CookDo Moms still do this? Bake a batch of cookies while the kids are at school so that the house smells amazing when they walk through the door?

Our weather seems to be making an early turn toward fall, which has me thinking about those first days of school every year, both from my own childhood, as well as the girls'.

The anticipation, mingled with a bit of dread - seeing friends again, will the outfit I pick get me off to the right start, will someone be mean to them on the bus, will their friends approve of their new shoes, will they get along with their teacher this year.

I was not one of those Moms who couldn't wait for school to start. I much preferred the relaxed days of summer to the grind of getting them off to school every day, worrying over homework, lost permission slips and forgotten lunches.

But, cookies can make everything better, can't they? My Mom thought so, when she baked them for us and so did I when Ellyn and Lauren were growing up. A batch of fresh cookies can wipe away a lot of angst and are a good companion if you have a lot of homework.

So, if you are looking to assuage some stress at your house, or just want to have an indulgent, we...

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