Quick and Easy Chocolate Snack Cake

Quick and Easy Chocolate Snack Cake on The Creekside CookSnack Cakes are a very good thing to have in your bag of tricks. A snack cake implies a fast prep, probably without a mixer, and fairly simple ingredients. This Chocolate Snack Cake is all that, and results in a cake that is richer, moister and with a more refined texture than you might expect.

You can thank the buttermilk for the texture, because it gives this cake a nice light rise, while it enhances the chocolate flavor. If you spend any time on this blog at all, you are probably already aware of my vast affection for buttermilk, and this cake just gives me one more reason to love it. My refrigerator always has a carton or two, ready for whatever I am dreaming up this week. If your refrigerator is not similarly endowed, you can substitute the same amount of milk with a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice stirred in.

I think cake recipes may have fallen out of favor somewhat - box mixes are so easy after all, right? It seems that often, the idea of sifting ingredients and alternating mixtures just seem too time consuming and fussy. That is why you need this recipe.

It is, as the name implies, fast and easy and made in no time from what you probably already have on hand...

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