Raspberry Preserves {no pectin recipe}

Homemade Raspberries Preserves [no pectin recipe] from The Creekside CookIt has been a might busy summer around here. A good busy though.

In addition to having a bigger garden and selling at the Farmer's Market, we found a new church that we are trying, I got into essential oils [okay, that should probably say I became instantly obsessed with essential oils!] and now, any day, we expect to be called suddenly to drive 3 hours south to watch our granddaughter while her little brother gets born!

I am trying to get everything from the garden put up for winter in between all this other stuff, and I am certain that a huge number of tomatoes are just waiting until they see our taillights go out the driveway to finally get ripe!

On the other hand, this was our first year to really get enough raspberries to use, and they were just incredible! We had to pick them nearly every day, or they got by us, and the chickens ended up getting them. That made the chickens happy, but we tried to keep it from happening, because raspberries are one thing we don't really want to share.

I always make Blueberry Preserv...

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