Blueberry Ginger Buttermilk Cake

Blueberry Ginger Buttermilk Cake on The Creekside CookAlas, this will be the final blueberry post for the summer of '14. Not the last blueberry thing we'll eat, for sure, because we freeze blueberries to use in the wintertime. They are equally good as the fresh ones in a cake like this, so if you run across this post later on in the year, don't hesitate to use frozen berries in it.

But fresh ones are what we have today - a final picking that Larry did with his Mom the other day. Blueberry picking is definitely a tradition in his family, and I remember, when the girls were small, going with his Mom and her Mom to one of the big U-pick places around here to get a bunch of them picked for jam and freezing. Nothing smells quite as delectable as a field of laden blueberry bushes in the hot summer sun. Grammy loved blueberries, and I swear she ate as many as she got in the bucket, which was saying a lot, since the woman was a berry-picking fiend. She could out pace me any day of the week.

For us, it is time to begin thinking about getting some tomatoes put up, since they are finally getting ripe in large enough nu...

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