Quick Pickled Radishes

Quick Pickled Radishes on The Creekside CookIt does not get much more seasonal that fresh radishes. We've been enjoying a bumper crop of them this spring.

A few springs ago, I shared this Sauteed Radishes with Sea Salt & Lime recipe, that we still enjoy at least a few times each spring. Cooking radishes does something really special, that we never dreamed of till we tried it, so I hope you will check that recipe out too.

And I am always happy to eat freshly pulled radishes with just a bit of coarse salt, or sliced very thin and layered atop a buttered slice of fresh bread. No salad misses getting a good portion of radishes.

Last night though, I was planning to make shrimp fajitas [yes, that recipe is coming too!], and while some simply sliced radishes would have been good on them, for a bit of crunch and heat, I decided to reach back to last fall when I first tried making a quick pickle with them.

Quick vegetable pickles are kind of an Asian thing, and you often find them them in Korean and Japanese dishes. Unlike our idea of making canned pickles, or even refrigerator pickles, like my ...

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