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Take a free Essential Oils Class at The Creekside CookI know that a lot of people who read my blog regularly, have already noticed my new fascination with Essential Oils.

And like the header over there to the right says, if you found something that made an enormously positive change in your life, wouldn’t you want to tell everyone about it?

Just a few months ago, I was at an all-time low point in my life, both physically and mentally. The double whammy of a sudden and traumatic loss of a close family member, and then an illness that I just could not shake had left me floundering around, with little sense of direction or purpose. I dragged myself through every day, just waiting until I could crawl into bed and go to sleep. I was still tired all the time though, and really, despite the fact that I was going through the motions, I didn’t care about much of anything.

Finally, something nudged me to look for some answers, and I made an appointment with an alternative health practitioner in my area. These folks are Christians, like I am, and as soon as I walked into their office, I noticed a calm, relaxed and yet upbeat atmosphere.

By the end of my visit, I was feeling a sense of hope that I could climb out of this hole and get back to the way life used to be. Because, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I am generally a pretty happy and cheerful person. I missed that person a lot.

A big part of the answer for me has been using Essential Oils.

Now – because of the FDA, that wise and wonderful Washington DC based, government agency that routinely approves all sorts of drugs, substances, food additives, coloring agents, preservatives and who knows what else – that are later found to cause all kinds of problems for people, and then pulled from the market – has not approved the use of most Essential Oils for medicinal purposes, I have to tell you the following:
Take a free Essential Oils Class at The Creekside Cook

So, why should you take this class? Because you are going to find out a whole bunch of interesting stuff. Because I’m tell you some of the ways I use Essential Oils. Because it’s free! Because there is no obligation, and if the whole thing is not your cup of tea, every email lesson has an unsubscribe button, that ensures you never get another email about it. Some of the best stuff is toward the end though, so I hope you will hang around for the whole thing.

But mostly, you should take the class because Essential Oils might just change YOUR life too!

So, if you are interested, and want to take a look, click below and get started. You will get one email each day, and you can read them whenever you like.

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If you have any questions as you go along, just hit “reply” on any of the classes and I will get back to as soon as I can.

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