Why I LOVE Essential Oils

Why I love Essential Oils from The Creekside CookIt’s very simply, really.

Essential oils gave me my life back.

That sounds incredibly dramatic, I know. It is the truth though. I had been struggling with physical and emotional issues since the beginning of the year, and nothing I tried was helping. I have never been a huge fan of the majority of conventional medical science. Both of my parents will struggle with health issues for the rest of their live – issues that were caused when they followed the advice, treatment and medications prescribed for them by an assortment of conventional medical practitioners.

For myself, I gave up on any sort of medications for my life-long struggles with depression, because they all made me feel like someone I am not. Fixing the depression also seemed to take away a lot of things I wanted to keep, so it was easier to just deal with occasional bouts of depression than to feel so unlike myself all the time.

But this year, as has happened a few times in the past, things just kind of snowballed for me and I became overwhelmed and unable to keep my usual positive outlook. Then, I had probably the worst cold I think I have ever had. It went on for weeks, turning into a raging sinus infection and caused me to almost completely lose my senses of taste and smell.

You can maybe imagine how that felt – losing those senses leaves you feeling kind of half-way cut off from life, and for me, it also meant I lost my work. You can’t develop recipes if you can’t taste or smell the food. Now you may have an idea of why I’ve not been around much – if there is a more depressing place for a food blogger who can’t taste or smell, than on food blogs, I can’t imagine what it would be. Even the antibiotics I tried in desperation didn’t work.

Finally, I went to a holistic practitioner, who got me on the right path to wellness, and a large part of that has turned out to be Young Living Essential Oils. At this point, I would say I am 90% of the way to being whole, emotionally, and gaining every day on getting well physically. I have at about 75% of both of my senses of taste and smell back, and steadily improving, which is amazing, because for awhile it felt like I was never going to get either of them back. I even have a couple of new recipes to share in the next week or so!

I think you can very much expect to see more information about essential oils here on the blog. For one thing, you know me – I have to find new ways to do things. I do it with combining flavors in my recipes, and now I do it with different combinations of oils for diffusing as well as helping with some health challenges we both have. Essential oils help our bodies take better care of themselves – and that is a very life changing thing to know!

If you want more information about Young Living Essential Oils, please click here to see my Essential Oils Page – think you will be as intrigued as I was – be sure to shoot me an email if you have any questions!

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