Maple Walnut Rhubarb Crisp

maple walnut rhubarb crispThis is a rewind post, refreshed and brought up to date for new life.  Having made it numerous times since the original publishing date, I can tell you that Maple Walnut Rhubarb Crisp definitely worth another look!

Maple Walnut Rhubarb Crisp is everything you might think the name implies: sweet, tangy, fruity, nutty, and crunchy. We have not been the least bit sorry that it took 3 batches to get it tweaked just so, because taste testing the "failed" batches has been very pleasant work - about the best kind of work, really.

I was surprised to find out from readers, when I posted a rhubarb recipe in the past, [Like this Strawberry Rhubarb Sherbet] that it doesn't grow everywhere - not where it can't get a good chill down in the wintertime, apparently. It's also called pie plant, though I have to wonder about the first person who ever thought to make it into a pie. To begin with, the leaves are pretty poisonous, so you have to hope they didn't try to eat those first. And just biting a big old chunk off the stalk isn't a good idea either, because sour doesn't even begin to describe the flavor. It will turn your mouth right in...

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