3 Light Summer Salads

3 Light Summer Salads from The Creekside CookI know that I have been scarce here on the blog lately. Lots of you have been regular visitors though, and I am grateful and so pleased that you find good information here, even when I am so often absent.

Things are getting better, day by day. I am getting a handle on some health challenges that I have been struggling with, in addition to losing Larry’s sister at the beginning of the year. Instrumental in that has been my discovery of essential oils, which I will talk about more soon, but suffice it to say for now, that it has been awhile since I have felt as well as I do right now.

Larry and I also made a rather spur of the moment decision to apply for a spot at an evening Farmer’s Market in my hometown, just a short drive from the homestead here at Creekside. We had thought of getting back into markets for awhile now, but didn’t really have the time until Larry retired. So, we have been busy, increasing the size of the garden, the chicken flock [lots of little babies down in the coop these days!] and doing paperwork, so that I can sell homemade baked goods, jam and pickles. We’ve done one market so far and it was really fun, so we are looking forward to more. If you live in Tioga or Broome counties, here in Upstate NY, come on by: Thursday Night Farm to Fork Farmer’s Market in Owego

So, recipe development has kind of been on the back burner, though I do have a few things up my sleeve for you. Today though, I though you might like to try a few summer delights from the last couple of years. And if, you are new to my blog, because you grabbed one of my cards at the market – welcome and have fun looking around!

These light summer salads are among our favorites, and all have at least one thing in common – a vinaigrette type dressing, rather than a creamy one. That not only makes them seem like lighter fare – perfect for hot, humid summer days – but they also have the advantage of keeping fresh out of the fridge longer than a salad with a mayo based dressing. Just great for picnics and outdoor meals.

First up is Cucumber and Avocado Salad with Feta – this was new on the blog just last summer, and not a week goes by that we don’t enjoy it. It has also become my go-to for dish to pass type celebrations, because it keeps it’s crisp, fresh flavor for a long time.From the Creekside Cook archives: Cucumber and Avocado Salad with Feta

We have been enjoying this delightful combination for many years. Mediterranean Orzo Salad has so much bright, fresh flavor, that you will be turning to it time after time, when you need the perfect summer salad.From The Creekside Cook Archives: Mediterranean Orzo Salad

Last up today is a rather unexpected twist on a summer salad – a
Warm Green Bean Tomato Salad. Serving this warm, or at room temperature makes it a perfect last minute choice, because you don’t have to take the time to chill it. It is kind of my own version of a 3 bean salad. From The Creekside Cook archives: Warm Green Bean Tomato Salad

I promise to have a brand new recipe up here in a few days. In the meantime – maybe you would like to check out our new website for the Farmer’s Market? Here: Creekside Acres



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