Tasty Bite makes a tasty meal!

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Tasty Bite makes a tasty mealNow, you know me, right? Fresh, local, from scratch? Check, check and check!

So recently, when Tasty Bite asked me to try some of their products and write a post about them, I admit that I hesitated at first.

But, then, I went and checked them out, and what I found out persuaded me that I might be missing out on something, so I agreed to see what they had to offer. I am really glad that I did!

First though – the information about their product line that impressed me. Tasty Bite never uses artificial ingredients, preservatives, GMO products or MSG. They use real ingredients and treat them with tender loving care as they use them to craft foods that are big on flavors. Tasty Bite has a 23 acre farm, where they grow some of their own ingredients, in addition to using it as a facility to educate their growers about sustainability and sound organic practices. 80% of the energy it takes to produce a pouch of one of their products comes from renewable sources – that is a record I imagine most companies would find difficult to match.

The flavors are nicely bold, with an emphasis on Asian and Indian dishes that a lot of us don’t yet know how to make at home. They taste real!

And the fact is, even I occasionally run short of time to come up with a tasty lunch or dinner – it gets busy around here, especially in the summer. I confess, we sometimes resort to take out [like, "honey, I've been cooking all day for my blog, and now I don't have the energy to make dinner – can you stop…"], but with a few of these handy pouches on hand, I just might be able to skip that!

It just doesn’t get any easier than this – a minute or 90 seconds in the microwave, or in a saucepan of boiling water on the stove top, and they are ready to serve.

Tasty Bite Products
The list of dishes they offer seems just about endless, and they sent me 6 of them to try out. I actually only had to choose one to write about, but I couldn’t resist a few more. Like the Kung Pao noodles which were nicely spiced with a good texture and the Fried Brown Rice, pictured below which contained lots of nice crunchy water chestnuts and perfect onion flavor.Tasty Bite Fried Brown Rice
But it was the Bombay Potatoes that made me put together a meal!  I mimicked some of the flavors I found in there to spice up some chicken breasts and a fresh zucchini from the garden – lots of cumin, and some fresh cilantro, along with a little garlic and smoked paprika.  The sauce on these potatoes is creamy and rich and both the potatoes and chick peas had a really nice texture – I'll say it again – I was impressed!

I have a few more of the flavors to try, and I am really looking forward to that. All in all, I have to say that this is one assignment that I am glad I accepted!

Here is the place where you can go to find at a store near you.

Tasty Biteoffers over 40 products, so there is something to please everyone!


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